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Is it okay for kids to wear contact lenses?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Often times, parents may wonder if it is okay for kids to wear contact lenses, when would be a good time to consider contact lenses or what are the implications or benefits of kids wearing contact lenses. Most importantly are contact lenses safe for children?

You might have noticed that lately more and more kids require prescription eye wear due to various conditions. Sooner or later children may come to be aware of contact lenses and ask for it especially when there are presence of peer influence. Also worth noting that wearing spectacles during sports may be cumbersome. Hence, kids asking for contact lenses should not come in as a surprise.

To put the matter into perspective, there’s no specific age restriction to wear contact lenses but rather the more important considerations would be whether your child is mature enough to take responsibility for wearing contact lenses while practicing good hygiene. It is crucial to note that contact lenses are a medical devices; proper use and care must be observed to prevent complications.

Are Kids at Greater Risk of Complications From Wearing Contacts?

Children are not at greater risk as compared to older teens and adults when they understand and practice proper hygiene and care. Proper education and timely reminders on contact lens care and hygiene would go a long way in preventing infections and other complications.

Without proper hygiene, contact lens can pick up bacteria easily and this may cause infections in the cornea. Corneal infections can cause painful and dangerous conditions such as abrasion and ulcers which can even lead to vision loss. Speak to your ophthalmologist if you notice pain or redness in the eye(s) while wearing contact lenses. Click here for video on contact lens instructions and care tips.

Here are some safety tips for you and your children to keep in mind when considering contact lenses:

1. Wash your hands with proper technique and dry with clean and lint free cloth

2. Seek for recommendations from qualified opticians or optometrists’ on how to clean, rub, rinse, and disinfect your contact lenses.

3. Do not use contact lenses longer that prescribed period.

4. Never share or wear someone else’s contact lenses.

5. Do not expose contact lenses to any other fluid than the recommended solution.

6. Safety goggles or glasses are still recommended to be worn over your lenses when playing selected sports.

7. Do not wear your contacts if your eye(s) is/are red, inflamed or in pain.

8. Remove your contact lenses if there’s itching, irritation, burning, or redness. Keep it off as long as symptoms persist

9. Insert your lenses before applying cosmetics. Remove your lenses before taking off your makeup.

10.Always have a pair of back-up eyeglasses.

Feel free to get in touch for further information, counselling or check up for your kids when considering contact lenses.

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